Mission Statement

Our mission is to focus directly on kids that are unable to ride bikes due to mental or physical disabilities. We believe that every child should enjoy the same opportunity to get out and ride bikes. We are working with a manufacturer in the USA to offer safe, stable and stylish choices for kids with lower levels of ability, providing them a new form of mobility, exercise, therapy and most importantly, the joy of cycling.

How we started

For over 15 years, Florida Realtor Anthony DeNito has been donating a portion of every commission he’s earned to the Children’s Miracle Network which benefits OUR CHILDREN right here at the Miami Children’s Hospital. In 2013 Mr. DeNito’s new found passion for cycling, his interest in personal challenges and receiving the gratification and satisfaction of always doing more for his community, inspired him to create the DeNito’s Ride for Kids.


In 2013 Anthony DeNito cycled alone from Miami to Key West (165 miles) in 8 hours and raised over $1000. In 2014, DeNito’s Ride for Kids drew over 100 cyclists and volunteers and raised thousands of dollars. In 2015 DeNito expects to host for several hundred riders in hopes to even further growth. Also in 2015, DeNito’s Ride for Kids has tuned they’re purpose to be more specific and hands on, by being directly involved in providing opportunities for disabled kids in our community.

How we affect our community – DeNito’s HELPERS

Thought the past few years, DeNito’s Ride for Kids and its volunteers (DeNito’s HEPLERS) have been a helping hand in its community. From painting and landscaping local public schools and clinics to delivering food to needy families on Thanks Giving to clean up jobs on state owned museums and gardens, DeNito’s HELPERS believe in community service.